Manage Your Accounts Before you Plan to Celebrate your 15

Alicia Monsalve

Many families suffer the consequences of extending their spending more than they should in facing the preparations of the quinceañera and if more than one quinceañera are on the agenda, the problem of money increases. But now there is a new application that enables easy record keeping from your mobile phone. Mint can be your best tool to stretch the budget.

Over 4 million people are using this mobile phone application that you can install without fearing for the safety of your finances, because it uses a secret encryption ensuring privacy. It’s the same data protection system used by banks and is backed by VeriSign and TRUSTe. These seals support only sites that have been protected by an SSL certificate from VeriSign ® or have been authenticated. Although Mint lets you control your costs, the program can only keep track of where your money is going but you can not transfer money from an account other, or engage in transactions. Rather, it is like having a private accountant on your mobile.

Mint app

This program lets you set a budget, create a plan and outline the goals you want to achieve in your personal finances. You can follow the progress through the phone, receive alerts by e-mail and to obtain advice with helpful tips and step by step explanation. To begin to update your accounts with Mint should start by getting the program that is freely available. Once installed, the application will guide compiling the data necessary to bring your accounts. Thereafter, you should analyze what are the goals you want to reach, where to cut money from and count the time left to achieve those goals before the date of the party. So it will be much easier to determine how much you have available for the costs of organizing the party and follow the budget allocated to the party that way it does not become debt. Even if you already have debts, or think you can borrow a plan to pay in an organized and reasonable. The Mint’s website you can find the information you need to know how the program works, what security guarantees offered and what are the steps to start using it.

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