Chop here, Not there: Your Beauty-prep Quince Routine.

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 A lot of primping goes into looking your absolute best for your quince party. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of money should go into it as well. Follow these tips to spending less money for your quince beauty regimen and keep looking fabulous while still getting more for your pinched pennies!

Your mani and pedi
If you visit a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure session for yourself, you might get a bargain if you have your court book their session there as well. Speak to the nail salon owner or manager of your preferred salon and talk yourself into a discount. If you book your appointment for early in the week when the salon is less busy, your chances of striking a deal might be higher as opposed to booking a weekend session when most salons are at their busiest. Another tip to saving money is to say “no, thank you” when other services are offered to you like a vibrating massage chair session or lavender bath salts in your water. All of those extra details will add up to either a surprisingly huge savings, or a huge and unnecessary splurge.

Hair and Make upYour hair and make up
Getting your hair and makeup done by a student at an academy can save you some money. These students are trained makeup and hair stylists that although are not yet licensed, are trained to master their craft. The students work under the direct supervision of their licensed instructors and charge only a fraction of what licensed artists do. But if you want to save the fractioned discount all together and got for a free bie make over, you’re best bet is to have your hair and make up done by a friend or relative. There’s always one girl in the bunch whose hair and makeup are impeccable, so if you have one of these talented ladies amongst your circle of friends, hand her an IOU and have her beautify you for your special day.

EyebrowsYour facial and eyebrows
There are tons of home made facial tricks that can give you the same exfoliated and fresh look and feeling that a facial at a spa or salon can give you. You can browse through some of those tricks here or ask your friends and family members for some of their own home made facial tricks. As for your eyebrows, you can do them yourself of have a friend do them for you. All you need are a pair of tweezers and a small pair of scissors for trimming. You can purchase an eyebrow stencil to serve as an outline for what the form of your brows should look like. But you can do without if you simply follow the natural form of your eyebrows and only clean up the area around it by trimming away the excess brows.

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