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Our dear friend Vince Lopez, professional event decorator from Elegance Events, met up with Quinceanera.com to share four key tips for Quince girls on budget planning. Needless to say, after being in the Quinceanera business for more than a decade, Vince is a pro at party planning! Save on your Quince by following these amazing and efficient party planning tips: Masquerade_Quinceanera

  1. Plan your Quinceanera at least one year in advance

This way you have plenty of time to compare prices, plus vendors are more likely to work with your budget. Important, time-consuming and stressful Quince tasks such as getting a venue, choosing a theme, wording your invitations, creating a guest list, and buying your dress can be a lot smoother if planned within a 12 month timeframe. Quince_shoes

  1. Write down a realistic plan of your party needs

Based on your budget and theme, choose XV centerpieces, décor and catering services that serve your Quince needs and adhere to your wallet. As much as you want edible flowers on your cake, decorating it with artificial flowers might be best. Choose every aspect of your party with the help of your parents or guardians, and avoid outside opinions. Make a list of every single detail you must take care of – organized ideas will save you time and money. Pink_Quinceanera

  1. Look for “Do-it-all” vendors

A party -planning store that sells you packages including linens, flowers, centerpieces and décor is your best bet! Not only will the price be less by grouping these (about 30% less) but once the party is over, you will only have to worry about returning the stuff to only one vendor instead of running around town.


A Princess-theme Party setup by Elegance Decor!

  1. Prioritize your budget

Write down what you’re willing to spend a bit more on, and set a budget for minor details. For example, say you want to spend around $400 on your Quinceanera invitations, but you will spend no more than $200 on centerpieces. Allocating a set amount on your party planning needs such as your Quince dress, decorations for your party and even thank you notes, will not only help you keep track of where you’re spending your money, but it will also keep you within your budget. Check out some of the events Elegance has worked on here you might find inspiration for your very own Quinceanera!

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