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You might already be well aware that planning and throwing a quineanera celebration can quickly become quite expensive. There’s only so much your parents can do and if you want to have the party of your dreams, you’ll most likely have to raise the money yourself. Check out these 5 brilliant ways for you to raise money for your upcoming quinceanera!


  1. Ask for Sponsors – The most common way to save room in your quinceanera budget is to ask friends and family members to be sponsors. These type of sponsors are known as “padrinos” and they can choose to provide the money for a particular element of your quince celebration such as the dress, the flowers, the limo, your rosary, the centerpieces, the cake, etc.



  1. Have a Bake Sale – Another great way to raise money for your quince is to put your culinary skills to the test and bake up some sweet goodies like brownies, pan dule, cookies, or even cake pops to sell to family, friends or church patrons.




  1. Create a Fundraiser Page – Many girls are raising money for their quinceaneras these days by creating their own fundraiser pages online. Thanks to the internet, you can easily create your own fundraiser page on sites such as GoFundMe. After you’ve completed all the necessary requirements set up your profile, send it out to everyone you know to share your story and ask for monetary donations in order to make your dreams come true.




  1. Have a Car Wash – To raise money for your quinceanera expenses, you can also always have a car wash. During the next sunny rain-free day, gather up some good friends, buckets, hoses and soap, then set up shop on a busy street corner. You’ll have people stopping by to have you wash their vehicles for donations in no time!



  1. Sell Dinner Plates – Who doesn’t like to eat for a good cause? Ask your mom, grandma, tias, and primas to help you make a delicious batch of tamales or enchiladas and sell dinner plates to friends, coworkers, and other people you and your family know.

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