Save Money without Compromising Style for your Quince Celebration

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With the buzz topic on everyone’s lips lately somehow related to the economy, don’t be surprised if you too find yourself thinking up creative ways too.

Cut costs and save your parents (and/or godparents) cash as you get set for your Quince celebration.

One of the things the tradition of the Quinceanera symbolizes is the transition to womanhood, and what better way to show off your budding maturity than to proactively present your parents your very own ideas for how they can save money for your party. Below are three popular suggestions for pulling off a bangin’ celebration while saving your family some of that precious green. 1. Consider alternative venues: Most traditional Quinceaneras are held in event halls, which can range anywhere between $2,000 for the hall alone, to more than $10,000 for the food and other necessary services. In order to instantly slash this sum of money from your Quince costs, you should think about a friend or relative with a stylish pad and a very spacious back yard. Often, you will find that decking out someone’s pad and backyard can provide a unique and intimate setting that’s perfect for your Quince, and is hard to match by the typical event hall. 2. Celebrate with one or (at most) two of your BFF’s: We know that your Quinceanera is supposed to be YOUR special day. However, when the average price tag for one lavish Quince celebration can be anywhere between $20,000 to hundreds of thousands, it doesn’t hurt to at least consider sharing the stage. If you borrow from the American “debutante ball” tradition (where up to a dozen girls at once are presented to society), and celebrate with one or two of your best buds, it is almost a given that the event will not take place on or near any of your birthdays… unless you happen to be lucky. On the plus side, not only will you and your best friend(s) receive the royal treatment together, but you will be saving your parents hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars just for being a gracious princess and sharing the throne for a day. 3. Enlist the help of padrinos: If your parents are having a hard time making ends meet to make your Quince celebration a reality, we suggest you enlist the help of all of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins –anyone and everyone you can think of– to sponsor a different aspect of the celebration, and help your parents offset at least some of the costs. For example, you can ask your grandparents to sponsor the cake, your closest aunt to sponsor the food, etc…. This is a common tradition in some parts of Mexico, and will be a welcome support to your parents.   Find the perfect Quinceanera Venue for your Quince Party.  

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