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Plan the Quinceañera of your dreams with these quick tips.

Six Ways to Save Money Without Losing Elegance

Gabriela Alvarado

As special as your Quinceañera is, you don’t have to compromise your wallet and go out of your budget.

Planning a quince party usually conveys financial sacrifices. This is the number one reason why most families plan ahead of time. Whether you’re having a lavish quinceañera or a modest celebration, these tips are fundamental if you want to save some bucks. Save your money focusing on these main categories.

The Quinceañera budget

One of the typical mistakes is planning a party without a set budget. Things can easily go out of control when we don’t know the exact amount we can spend. Plan your budget including essentials such as the menu, the decoration and venue.

Leave a budget on the side for luxuries such as thank you favors for your guests and an exuberant quince gown.

Planning your guest list

Forget about those forced guests; invite only the people who have been by your side through these fabulous fifteen years. A Quinceañera is to be celebrated with those who mean the world to you and vice versa.

Looking for the perfect venue

Once you’ve managed your guest list, it is time to look for the venue. If you have a house big enough to comfortably fit your guests, do not hesitate on celebrating there. If a family member or friend offers their house, gladly accept and avoid the dreaded bill of a fancier venue.

If you would still like to rent a venue, compare prices and advantages and pick the one that better accommodates your needs without going over your budget. A plain venue can be revamped with the appropriate decorations.

An over the top Quince Menu

A cocktail menu is the best way to celebrate with style while saving a few bucks! It also offers a better variety for your guests to choose what they prefer to munch on.

This growing trend involves servers continually offering your guests bite size treats on platters. A dynamic way to keep them entertained.

Affordable decorations

Easy and simple DIY projects are an amazing opportunity to save money.

Balloons: Don’t consider these ordinary, they come in a variety of colors and shapes. Metallic and see-through are super elegant! Fill the ceiling with these or use them as centerpieces.

Flowers: Seasonal flowers are always less expensive. Visit flower shops and compare prices.

Save money with the dress

Renting a dress is an excellent choice; after all, you’ll only wear it once! The internet is another tool where you can find less expensive quinceañera dresses, try Sammydress.com.




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