Tips on How to Save Money on Your Quinceañera

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It’s always wise to avoid unnecessary expenses that add $$$ here and there, even if you have an ample budget.  If you manage your budget effectively, you will not only spend less, but you can also use your savings to buy something else or put money away for your college education.

Not everyone has an unlimited budget to celebrate a quinceañera. Most of us have to make a sacrifice, save, and even go into debt in order to realize this once-in-a-lifetime dream. Nevertheless, though you may not have the blessings of King Midas, you can take advantage of what you have and make your celebration one of your best experiences.

Make a Realistic Budget
Before making any plans, have an earnest talk with your parents about what kind of budget you will have. Don’t spend more than what you have.

Once you have an estimated budget, assign dollar values to each element of your celebration. You can also create an income/payment table as well as a detailed inventory of what you need.

Make a priority list and organize a working schedule. Creating lists not only helps you to remember your priorities, but also allows you to keep track of what you have bought and how much money you have spent. First and foremost, make a guest list. Then, make a list of people who can collaborate with your plan.

Keep in mind that you have to be sure of what you want before purchasing anything. Many times we end up wasting money on something that, in the end, we will not use. If you plan ahead, you can begin purchasing items and taking advantage of special sales. Don’t leave important purchases until the last minute. Take your time to compare prices and reserve everything you need to rent or order ahead of time so as to avoid last minute price hikes.

The Value of Simplicity
An infallible secret to save some money is to find a simple and easy way to do things. For example, if you don’t have that much money to buy flowers and decorations, use dark or stroboscopic lights, which you can rent at an affordable price. It’s also a good idea to rent a beautiful venue that does not require much additional decoration.  You may also rent a dress that fits you well instead of buying a hand-made dress that you’ll never wear again. If you want to take it a step further, and you don’t like dresses with corsets and full skirts, you can wear a simple dress that you may also use for future events such as weddings or a friend’s quinceañera.

First Use Your Imagination, Then Take Out Your Wallet
Picture in your head what you want to do; think about those who you want to be present at your celebration and what memories you would like them to have of your quinceañera. Afterwards, you can write down your ideas and decide what you really want. Leave out anything that is unnecessary or unimportant to you. Once you have chosen your ideal place, you may begin investing your money. Once you have chosen a theme, don’t change it. Indecisiveness may create extra expenses.

Reserve Fund
You can deposit your savings into an emergency fund that can come in handy in the end, when unforeseen expenses, last minute purchases or details come up. Most importantly, if you don’t need to spend all of this money, you can use what is left for your college tuition.

Don’t Get Frustrated
If you don’t have everything you dreamed of for your quinceañera, don’t get frustrated. Enjoy every moment of your celebration, no matter how elaborate it may be. Share this moment with your significant others and keep the memories. Only then will the money you spent become the best investment in your life.


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