Tips to Save Money and your Quince Party!

Elizabeth de la Torre

How devastating it would be for one to sacrifice all their quince party dreams because their family needs to save money? But the reality is that that is a real problem that many quince girls face once thy delve into their quince planning things to do. It’s one of the first conflicts that you will encounter when planning a quinceañera.

Reality check again,…there are all kinds of ways to save money for your quince planning. For instance, if you are really serious about saving money for your quince then perhaps the big aspects of your quince party that you should consider are the quince theme, venue, dress, and amount of guests. However evidence proves to show that not too many quince girls are comfortable making sacrifices there because those are really inspired by tradition, culture, and preference.

For that reason, to save money without added stress you’ll need to just make some small adjustments.

Here’s six simple ways to save money without over compromising for your quince.

  • More than Just one Cake

We’ve talked about this in another article but we need to make a point about this! Read it here! Quince cakes are really, really expensive. Just by saying the word, “quinceañera,” in a  cake shop you’ll find the price goes up automatically. Unfortunately, cakes of similar designs, flavor, and size are slightly cheaper without being branded specifically a “quince cake.” Our suggestion is to not even say the word when you go in if you rather save money than personalize your cake. Otherwise, get a small cake, small enough to be worth the money, and then get a bunch of other small desserts.

  • Swap Balloons for Flowers

Too many quince girls mistakenly add loads of flowers, not even those in season, around their quince venue for an added tough. Well, that small touch adds a big touch their wallets too! Instead of flowers option for balloons. If you get more creative try personalize the balloons with DIY paint designs, pictures, ribbons, confetti, etc. For those who realize flowers are really important to a quince party. then choose a few only where they really need to be and make sure they’re in season!

  • Find Sponsors

Family members, godparents, close friends of family, or whoever else you may have in your life may feel like you deserve more than you’re already bargaining for. With a quick look online you may even find scholarships to help. Make sure you get grades because a lot of scholarships may use that as a deciding factor.

  • DIY Projects

The funnest way to save money where you may not even feel like that’s what you’re doing. Check out our other articles about ways to save money while improving the look of your quince venue with DIY invitations and DIY decorations!

  • Travel back home

It just may be cheaper to go back to where your culture and family once lived or still are. Consider the exchange rate and whether or not most of your family are in America or in their home country. This may be your first travel experience to add to your wonderful quince memories and you can save money!

  • Keep the Alcohol at home

Keep “borrachos” at bay and away from your party. Not that a lot of your relatives or friends have a drinking problem or anything but,  not having alcohol at your party is a major way to save money. Save money on the drinks and the security measures in trying to keep the underage out!

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