Quinceañera Planning for a Simple yet Creative Quince

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of organizing an unforgettable party are the expenses. It is not uncommon for the financial planning to be done months or even years before the party. The good thing is that there exist alternatives for preparing the quinceañera of your dreams, without going in the hole.

Five ideas for a simple yet fabulous party

1. Try to be unique. Apply the law of supply and demand towards your favor. Seasons, times and places that are considered in fashion for a quinceanera can actually end up costing you more money. You can save if you have your party on a Friday or Sunday, since most girls choose to have their party on a Saturday to follow the status quo. Do not be like everybody else. Go out and ask for the prices of the other days of the weekend and you will quickly see the pricing difference.

2. Use your creativity. It is said that time is money, but it is not always true. If you invest a little bit of time in planning your party, you can save hundreds of dollars. Searching the internet can help you find many ideas on how to create your own invitations and even how to make centerpieces for your table. Another piece of advice is to save money by buying flowers from a wholesaler on the internet and elaborating the floral arrangement yourself. If you do not want flowers, you can find ornamented glass vases from antique stores and fill them with pretty details like flower petals, seashells or floating candles that go with the theme of your party.

3. Enhance your beauty with time. You will save a lot of money if you do not leave this aspect for the last minute. For example, if you want to flash a beautiful and white smile, prepare months before the party and take advantage of whitening products and kits. These are often more economical than a professional whitening treatment. Months before your big day, consult a makeup specialist to give you some tips on how to apply your makeup for your quinceanera, then pay attention to department store sales to gather the makeup you will need.

4. Be in charge of the music. Something that cannot be forgotten at a party is the music, but that is something that your godparents will take care of, right? It would be a catastrophe if for some reason you did not have this important element for your celebration. This is where technology comes to the rescue, which can also save you a lot of money.  If you already own a MP3 or can borrow one, you are already set. Fill your music player with the hottest songs of the moment, including the themes that you will dance with your court of honor, and rent some speakers and you are ready to go. If you feel that you will be too busy to pick the perfect playlist, you can entrust this to your cousin or a friend who is familiar with this type of equipment. Tell him or her to take extra caution when playing the music; you would not want a rumba or reggaeton song playing when you are supposed to have your waltz with your father.

5. Look for offers on the internet. Almost anything that you can find in a store, you can find it on the internet, sometimes at better prices. There are many companies that offer coupons through their website, you just have to look around a bit.

As you can see, it is possible to have a great party without spending too much.


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