5 Celeb Styles we are totally crushing on!

Rosalynn Martinez

Whether it is their red carpet fashion style or the everyday outfits they pull, these powerful girls are true trendsetters!

Copy your favorite looks from our favorite celebrities

Shay Mitchell

The Pretty Little Liars actress has caught the eyes of many this past year! Appearing in so many beauty events, Shay Mitchell has became such a fashion inspiration and beauty queen. 😍
Fashion Queen award, definitely goes to Riri! She can switch up on us 1000 times and we would still think she looks amazing…

Blake Lively

Blake has always looked good, but now people are going crazy for her! The WCW of many, Blake and her elegant taste is really something to look at! Who would’ve thought a girl in a suit can look soooo good!
Kendall Jenner
We all know Kendall is a HUGE fashion icon which is why it’s no surprise she is one of the top models in the world.
Kourtney Kardashian 
Although all the Kardashian/ Jenner clan ALL have style, Kourt’s simple yet sophisticated sense of fashion is very eye-catching!
Who’s your favorite fashion icon?
Featured image is property of: Shay Mitchell and Kendall Jenner. 
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Rosalynn Martinez

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