Destiny Lopez wins the Chambelan of her Dreams!

Grecia Hernandez
The moment when Destiny Lopez was announced as the winner!

The moment when Destiny Lopez was announced as the winner!

Destiny Lopez had no idea that Sunday September 28th, 2014 her prayers would be answered at’s 2014 Ontario Expo & Fashion Show, when she won the Chambelan of your Dreams contest.

She was attending the expo hoping to finally see Cheyo Carrillo performing live and to find what she was missing for her Pink & Ivory Quince to be celebrated on November 15th, 2014.

On her way to the Ontario Convention Center, Destiny’s mother revealed she had signed her up for the Chambelan contest!

Destiny Lopez

Destiny had been planning her Quinceanera since last year and was unfortunately having a really hard time getting chambelanes for her special celebration and her Facebook account was where she would vent about her XV struggle.

This sweet and funny Quinceanera-to-be was not expecting to win, when out of nowhere, after two girls were called and have yet to replied, the Ontario’s MCs called her name on stage!

Destiny had previously tried in two occasions to see Cheyo Carrillo performing live but it just so happened that during both times, by the time she arrived he had already sang. Although this Cheyo Carrillo hardcore fan, hadn’t had time to see her idol in person, she had already chosen “Vals de las Mariposas” as her Quinceanera waltz.

That Sunday, not only she had the chance to give her idol a big hug but she got to invite him to her Quinceanera as her main chambelan.

Destiny Lopez's post is thrilled to be part of Destiny’s special day! Stay tuned for her Quinceanera photos with Cheyo Carrillo as the chambelan of her dreams…



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