keven ramirez host of en la zona LATV

Emcee Keven Ramirez Brings Energy at the Next Quince Expo

Gabriela Alvarado
Keven Ramirez host LATV en la zona

Keven Ramirez host of LATV’s “En la zona”

Host of LATV “En la zona” and one of the most recognized radio star of Super Estrella, Kevin Ramirez, is our next Expo emcee.

Alicia G. de Angela | LosAngeles

The day starts early for Keven Ramirez. At 5:00 in the morning, he is ready to run his daily 15 miles. At 6:00 am he finishes the last details of his look with his stylist for the next season; and at 7:00 am, he arrives on time for a meeting with the team of “Super Estrella” to plan his day as a host of one of the most popular Southern California Latino radio stations.

To our interview, at 8:30am, he arrives looking sharp. Cool, eloquent and with an ambitious to take on the world, an attitude that has positioned him as a recognized media personality for more than ten years. His secret, he says, is simply “being Keven Ramirez”, and have been true to his own style from the beginning.

The same Keven proudly boasts about how his career began in radio with only 19 years, and almost by accident. “I had just arrived to Los Angeles from Mexico and I used to transport industrial uniforms in a vehicle. Until one day, I heard a commercial on the radio where they were looking for promotions on ‘Super Estrella’. I applied and, after three months, I got the job”, says Ramirez, who majored on Communications in Mexico.

After a while, and after insisting for a long time, he finally convinced them to put him in front of the microphones, a dream that still continues today; not only as a veteran announcer of “Super Estrella”, but also as an occasional contributor of Telemundo, and host of the entertainment program “En la zona” for LATV. “It’s an incredible experience,” expressed Kevin Ramirez, “It is something that I had imagined for a long time and that I have had the good fortune to make it happen.”

Onto his other dreams, those behind the microphone, Ramirez has also achieved a few, such as helping in several charitable causes. The most important and to which he devotes much of his time is “Parents Against Cancer”, where he is an ambassador. He also supports other organizations such as “Bienestar”, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the gay and lesbian Latino community in Southern California.

On a more personal level, the popular host, born in Los Angeles and raised in Colima, Mexico, is also dedicated to running marathons and have a healthy life. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs”. An important message he expects to serve as an example for the thousands of young ladies and their families that will attend to the next expo on March 8, 2015, where Keven will be MC.

“I am thrilled to participate in this event for ‘El Clasificado’ and to be able to tell the girls about the importance to live a healthy lifestyle, to eat well, and above all, not to do drugs or anything similar. I am an enemy of all that.” Kevin explains that it is also of great importance to respect and love yourself,” this is something that you have to start working since you are fifteen”, a versatile and multifaceted presenter that still has many dreams to fulfill.

 ———- &———– Expo will take place on March 8 at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studi City, and will be presented by Keven Ramirez, host of “En la zona” for LATV and radio star for Super Estrella 107.1 and Elva Saray, host of ‘Acceso Total‘ for Telemundo 52. RSVP here.


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