Selena Gomez steps out into a new scene with Adidas Neo Label

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Selena Gomez

The teen lifestyle brand has selected Selena as its new global style icon.

On the early morning of Tuesday, November 20th, members of the press were invited to a photo and film opportunity where Selena Gomez would appear in promotion of her recent joint venture with the Adidas Neo Label. I was lucky to be there as’s Teen Correspondent.

The event took place in one of those artsy warehouses in Downtown Los Angeles. The scene was set up with only a huge, bright green background in which Selena would pose in front of. There were also green streamers draping the scene.When Selena came out to greet the press, she did so wearing skinny jeans, sneakers, a tee, button down top, and beanie—very Adidas-esque.

Although Selena was not available for any media questions (probably as suggested by her PR after the off again, on again scandal with her beau Justin Bieber), the young singer/actress kindly posed for the media. During the event Selena said, “Neo is letting me have fun with this. I get to wear the clothes first and have a voice and an opinion and can’t wait to see the results of our new collection.”

The teen lifestyle brand has selected Selena as its new global style icon and guest designer until 2015. During the partnership both parties will design seasonal items that teens and her fans will love, and that are scheduled to be out beginning Fall/Winter 2013. Selena will appear in the print, digital, retail and outdoor campaign as well.

Judging by her own fashion line, “Dream Out Loud”, which is made available at K-Mart, I’m sure Selena will represent the brand with lots of fun and unexpected surprises. As it is, fans follow her everywhere just by her own personality and style, and now with her designing for Adidas, I’m sure she’ll bring a whole new group of Selena fans to the brand.

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