Taylor Swift: Beauty, Talent, and Inspiration for Your Quince

Alicia Monsalve

Taylor Swift, has everything you  need to plan your Quince.

If you haven’t decided on your Quince theme, talented  country music star, Taylor Swift, has everything you  need to plan your party: dreamy music, a collection of  spring dresses for young girls, a Cover Girl look, and a  set of Barbie dolls that sing her hit songs; with just 20 years of age, Taylor Swift has everything  every girl wants: she’s beautiful, talented, has a  successful career in the fashion and music industry, and has been able to make her dreams come true without losing her head.

Surprise Dance

Choosing Taylor Swift as your inspiration for your Quince can help you plan your surprise dance and use the songs from her album, “Fearless.” Although it’s hard not to pick songs such as “Love Story,” you know that the perfect songs are “Fifteen” and “Today is a Fairy Tale.” If you like to sing, this album features a karaoke version. So make sure to bring a karaoke machine if you want to have some fun.

Hairdo and Hairpieces
Taylor promised to “never straighten [her] hair for a guy ever again,” and if you want to follow her example, brag about your natural curls, let your hair fall on your shoulders, and take advantage of your natural beauty. Semi updos with light curls or a light pink flower on the side is the perfect look for your age.

Lively Designs, Spring Colors, and Organic Fabrics
Taylor Swift has been named one of the best dressed celebrities and she assures that her favorite designer is Oscar de la Renta. However, she has also said that she feels more comfortable wearing a dress and cowgirl boots. Her love for fashion design led her to release a spring dress collection available at WalMart. The teenage designs and organic fabrics are perfect for day-to-day attire. Nevertheless, Taylor is always careful when choosing an outfit for special occasions. To design your gown, you can grab some ideas from Taylor’s videos or her appearances on the red carpet.

Taylor has also been chosen as the new image for the Cover Girl cosmetic line. Wearing a filmy dark green dress, she posed for commercials that will air early in 2011. Taylor’s image is the perfect approach to introduce new Cover Girl beauty products that will arrive just in time for your Quince.

Décor and Gift Ideas
Taylor describes herself as a girl who loves her guitar and writes songs about her true life experiences… You can have guitar-shaped centerpieces, napkin holders, or write her favorite phrase (Love, Love, Love) on your keepsakes. If you need more ideas, her webpage is decorated with butterflies and orchids. If you decide to keep the doll tradition, you can choose from three different Taylor Swift Barbies that sing her record hits.


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