The Potential Lunatics’ Punk Rock Debut Album

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According to Emma, 15, and Isaac, 13, “Well Trained Youngsters” is a musical testimonial of a coming of age. The teenage brother and sister duo who under the name of The Potential Lunatics are putting their own spin on punk rock music, are releasing their debut album on June 29 and are hoping you join them for the celebration.

“Well Trained Youngsters” will be celebrated with a Dick and Jane themed party like no other (think Jell-O snacks, peanut butter sandwiches and animal crackers included), and will culminate The Potential Lunatics’ first round with music making.

Here’s a the rundown on the Simons-Araya sibings: who they are, what they play, and what sets them apart from other teenagers their age, and an exclusive video performance of the duo at the studios.

Brother/Sister Duo puck rock band

Emma: “I’ve wanted to start a band ever since I was really little. So at age 8, my dad taught me how to play the bass and guitar. Isaac then learned how to play the drums and that’s how the band was born.”

punk rock duo - isaac on drums

Isaac: “Emma writes the lyrics, guitar and bass and I add the drums. My style is softer than hers and I think it’s because our personalities are so different. She’s more out there than I am. I’ve actually been compared to Keith Moon (The Who) and John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), so that’s pretty crazy. We don’t sound like Led Zeppelin but the comparison itself is pretty nice.”

Punk Rock band - Emma on vocals

Emma: “There are a couple of things that make us different from most kids our age. For the most part, my brother and I are home schooled and I don’t have a cell phone! So I’m not texting people all the time or anything like that. I also write a lot and that’s how I’ve come up with our songs. Our music is about teenager stuff and thoughts that go through my head. For example, the first song I ever wrote is on the album. The name of the song is “Deranged Love Song”, it’s about being young and trying to figure things out, like having a crush on someone and stuff like that. It’s actually very embarrassing but to a certain degree I think music making has helped me figure things out somehow.”

“Well Trained Youngsters is a collection of the songs that we wrote about three years ago and songs that I wrote not that long ago. So I guess you can say that it’s a compilation of a pre-teen’s life story and the turning point of them actually becoming a teenager.”

Surf their site for more of their teenage life punk rock music here.

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