2014 cover girl bakersfield edition
12 lucky contestants are still in the run to become the 2014 Bakersfield Cover Girl

Meet the Finalists for the 2014 Cover Girl Bakersfield Edition

Gabriela Alvarado

After two weeks of voting and over 2,000 votes received 12 contestants are still in the run to become the 2014 Cover Girl Bakersfield edition.

The Bakersfield Cover Girl contest marks the end of the third contest of the year. This means that we are half way done with our 2014 series of contests! But, as we come one step closer to the end, we have to say goodbye to some beautiful quinceañeras, since only the girls with higher scores qualify to the final round. Although, girls you need to know, once you participate in our contests, you become part of our quince family.

The winner of the 2014 Cover Girl Bakersfield edition will have her own featured interview on the April issue of the magazine, a professional photo shoot with hair and makeup provided, the choice between a cash prize or a quinceañera dress, and the opportunity to kick start the fashion show at the 2014 Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Show in Bakersfield that will take place on Sunday, April 13th at the Marriot Bakersfield.

What’s next for the 2014 Cover Girl finalists?

The 12 finalists will face the judges in an open to the public event hosted by Quinceanera.com on March 23rd in Bakersfield Marriot at the Convention Center. There, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their communication and modeling skills, as well as state why they should win the title of Quinceanera.com Magazine’s 2014 Bakersfield Cover Girl edition.

The results

After the individual presentations of each of the candidates, a panel of judges will deliberate to select the winner.

The winner

The winner will be chosen that same day and will have to be available for their photo shoot and interview immediately.

And the finalists to become the 2014 Cover Girl Bakersfield edition are…

Elvia Rios
Destiny Guillen
Maria Rico
Rosalía Hernández
Noemi Abrego
Gabriela Jara
Esmeralda Ramos
Esmeralda García
Tapia Rivera
Alondra Valdez
Kimberly Lara
Alexandra Ventura


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