You Could be’s 2014 Image Girl

Itsia Vanegas’s 2014 image girl

Enter to our 2014 Image Girl contest. You could be the Image for 2014!

The previous girls invite you to take part on this amazing experience, the contest ends on November 17th, 2013. The next’s 2014 image girl could be you! is currently looking for the brand’s 2014 Image. The winner will be the image of the brand’s promotional campaign including  banners, ads, flyers, promotions, etc. Wouldn’t you love to show your friends your own magazine cover? RSVP HERE.

Take these girls’ word as their share their own thoughts on this wonderful experience.

Alexis Hernández 2013 Image Girl

Becoming has been an adventure for Alexis, “my friends did not believe I had won, they are now super proud and happy for me”.

Verónica Hernandez

San Fernando Valley Cover Girl

“Becoming a Cover Girl unified my family, they were all supportive, even those who live outside California. This contest changed my life a bit since I now consider myself a role model influencing other girls’ lives”.

Emmeline Pérez

Bakersfield Cover Girl

“My experience as a Cover Girl was lovely. I was supported by many people. The contest changed my life and now people recognized me and admire me. I am like a celebrity amongst my friends and they sometimes joke and request my autograph. I encourage all girls to participate on these Cover Girl contests.

Shamaria Martínez

Los Ángeles Cover Girl

“I’ve had a wonderful and fun experience, my advice is to try and participate, never give up, you could really be girl”.

Stephanie Pelaéz

Cover Girl edición Orange County

“When I won the contest my friends were amazed of how different I looked on the cover of the magazine but they were happy that my dream had come true. Becoming Cover Girl has helped me in the modeling industry as I have been called by agencies asking me to model for them”.

Katia Vergara

Cover Girl edición Ontario

“As a Cover Girl, my experience has been great, I’ve met lots of people and many have given me advice on my upcoming quinceañera. This experience has made me appreciate life and it has been amazing to be part of such a wonderful and fun contest”.

Josleyn López

Cover Girl San Diego

“Perseverance is what helped me win the Cover Girl title and I am super proud of it. My experience at the expo was amazing, my parents are so proud of seeing how younger girls look up to me, I am happy to be a role model to them”.

Joselyn’s outfit: Moda 2000

Hairstyle: Sergio F. Arévalo

Make-up: Roxana García

Photo: Torres Photography

Translation by: Grecia Hernandez



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