10 Fab Quinceanera Decorations to Add to your Party!

Grecia Hernandez

Quinceanera.com’s Expo and Fashion Show is the place to be to get inspiration for your XV Fiesta planning.

Tons of party services vendors were present to not only give the girls and their families ideas on what is currently in trend, but to offer them great deals and amazing packages according to their Quince budget.

If you haven’t had the chance to attend the party before your party, no worries!

We’ve selected our favorite XV Decorations from the expo for you to take a look at and perhaps add to your fiesta.

10) A XV Dessert Table

Whether you’re having a big or a private Quinceanera celebration, it is now accustomed to have a gorgeously decorated dessert table.

Inspirational Quince Candy Buffet!

9) A Lovely Tea Set


This is the perfect decor for a smaller type of private Quinceanera. If you’re having your Quince at someone’s backyard, a restaurant or a small venue, a lovely tea set will set the mood for your “VIP” gala.

8) Your personalized Red/Pink Carpet!


Welcome your guests to the party of the century the best way possible! Imagine their faces as they step on a fabulously pink carpet with your name on it! OMG girl, you’re a celeb!

7) Assign a table for your Accessories 


You spend so much time considering the colors of your fiesta and looking for the perfect cojin, tiara and album and in most cases these end up under a table for no one to admire. Assign a small table to set these items up for your guests to look at and enjoy. Make sure to have someone guarding or to place a sign asking parents to look after their children, you don’t want your primitos messing with your Quince keepsakes!

6) This XV Throne!


As the Queen of such a special night, you deserve a XV Throne! Heredia’s Bridal in Long Beach can rent you this fantastic white and gold chair for you to enjoy your party!

5) Photobooth Options

XV photo booth options!

Depending on your Quince theme, our dear friends from C9 Balloons can create an over-the-top sculpture just for you! Your friends will line-up to take pictures and next thing you know, your party will go viral!

4) A Gift Cards/Cash Presents Box


If you did not request specific gifts on your XV Registry, then some guests might show up with generic gift cards, checks or cash presents. Avoid these from getting lost or thrown away by placing them inside on of these beautifully decorated presents box.

3) Your XV’s Personalized Balloon!


Go Big or Go Home! If besides the balloons sculptures you want something bigger that sets your Quinceanera apart from the rest, ask C9 Balloons to create a gigantic personalized balloon especially for your XV! Even out-of-town guests will find your venue right away, guaranteed!

2) Quinceanera Surprise Gfits

Surprise gift for our future Quince girls!

Our early birds receive surprise gifts at the entrance during registration! Future Quince girls are treated to amazing little essentials perfect to inspire and help all the chicas!

1) Invitation Samples

Get inspired by fabulous Quince invitations you can use for your Quince!


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