10 Ways to Combine Gray with your Quince Color Scheme

Jocelyn Pasillas

The color grey has made an uprising lift during the past years!

If you’re looking for the perfect color combinations for 2018, grey is definitely one of them.

First we saw it in clothing, then home décor, and now it’s even a preferred color scheme for all type of celebrations!

These following colors incorporated with a simple touch of grey will turn your Quince theme into an elegant gala!

Set the perfect tone with any of these great tones combined.

Neutral Marble Quince

The marble texture is in and more popular than ever before! With the neutral combinations of white and grey, girls are really loving this arrangement for an elegant touch to their Quince theme.


Emerald + an elegant grey

These two colors combined make the perfect match. For a classic feel to your party, use emerald as a primary color and grey as secondary.

Indigo blue with a spice of gray

Need a color palette for your Rustic Quince? Indigo blue is the perfect blue tone apart from it being the new go-to shade. Decorate your bouquet with indigofera flowers!

Plum & Grey

A dark tone that looks super attractive is plum. The color is also ideal if you are having your Quince during fall.

Grey and copper

Similar to rose gold, cooper is a similar tone that works splendid with grey! Add copper fairy string lights as part of your centerpiece and mix it with a woodland theme.

Navy blue + Gray

In contrast with Indigo blue, this darker blue is excellent for a royal themed celebration fit for a Queen!

Grey and Ultra Violet Combination

A popular spring color fit for any type of Quince girl is ultra violet! Include pink to your decorations for a lavish girly girl Quinceanera.

Pink tones mixed with grey

Whether the shades are for a Pretty in Pink Quince or a lovely cherry blossom fete similar to Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, don’t forget to incorporate pretty flowers all around!

Yellow + Grey

Among 2018 popular color ideas, these two colors fit right in! Brighten up your venue with yellow decorations. Have your chambelanes wear grey suits while you shine like a star in a yellow beautiful gown!

Burgundy & Charcoal Grey

The duo colors everybody prefers no matter what season we are in! Get a bold look when mixing burgundy, grey will complement the look even more!

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