15 Elements to Include in your Parisian Quinceanera

Grecia Hernandez

Among the top party themes of all times you are guaranteed to find a Parisian Quinceanera within the first five!


Whether it is because of such a romantic destination, a chic fashion statement or the love for a foreign language, young ladies sure love this Quinceanera theme.

If you’re one of them, here are the top 15 elements you must consider for your very own fete!

Parisian Eiffel tower

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15) Eiffel Tower

Well, duh! The first thing that comes to mind when thinking Paris is this iconic landmark.


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14) Macaroons

These popular treats can serve as your Quinceanera centerpieces.

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13) Chanel brand Shout out!

Chanel bags, chanel perfumes, any chanel mention will add that fashionista factor.


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12) Black beanies & moustaches & glasses

If you’re having a photo booth forget the typical props and spice it up with French accessories.

11) Lace

This is a great element to add to your Quinceanera Invitations or table runners.

10)  Pink, white and black

These are the most ad-hoc colors for a Parisian Quinceanera.

9) Stripes

Once you’ve chosen your colors you can go with stripes for decorations.


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8) Passports

This is a great introduction to your Quinceanera theme as invitations.


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7) Monogram cake

Keep it simple and classy with nothing but your initials to personalize your Quinceanera cake.

6) Flowers

These could be white or different shades of pink. Use them to decorate your tables or create a flower backdrop for everyone to take pictures.

5) Pastries

Can’t have a Parisian Quinceanera without delicious French bread! Madeleines, petite fours, pain au chocolat and eclairs are sweet options.


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4) Travel Luggage

Pile them up to showcase your Quinceanera accessories at your reception or use them to offer pastries to your guests.

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3) French phrases

Go the extra mile with Oh La La signs or place a “Patisserie” sign on your XV dessert table. Make your guests feel at Paris!


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2) Chandeliers

If you can find a venue that has a chandelier you’re set! If not you can use them as centerpieces, remember Lumiere?

1) Anything with the word Paris on it

And of course, any decoration with the word Paris is a green light for your party!

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