1920's theme for quinceañeras

1920s Theme for Quinceañeras

Elizabeth de la Torre

The 1920s was an extravagant time with style and elegance worthy to be a theme for Quinceañeras.


If you are familiar with the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, or its movie rendition, then you may have been intrigued by the fashion of the 1920s.

Before the Great Depression people sought to expand their wealthy mannerisms and expend luxurious amounts on clothing, décor, house, alcohol, cars, and more. There was so much confidence in the economy that people over-invested. However, in the end this proved to backfire. The extravagances of the times lead to fancy attire that sparkled and drew undeniable attention. Proper 1920s attire included short hair, an abundance of jewelry, flapper dresses, and anything that sparkled. With that look came charm, sophistication, elegance, and absolute attention. Thus, the look would provide a perfect theme for quinceaneras.

While usually a theme for Quinceañeras does not require much research, an accurate execution of the 1920’s look would require knowledge of the period. A lot of history exists behind this look of elegance. Perhaps a good idea would be to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book or watch the movie.

Complementing the look would be a venue of simple elegance. Old houses would make excellent options depending on their architecture. Hotels with chandeliers, granite tile, marble interiors, extravagant furniture, and fancy silverware would make this theme for Quinceañeras. Hollywood, California may have some other places for this look. Also, for a less expensive route, a park with lots of trees may be nice. Decorations would not be needed. Rather, let the venue’s natural elegant look prove the simple ingenuity of this theme for Quinceañeras. 1920’s parties didn’t have potpourri items around so do not use random decorations that do not add to the atmosphere. Let the interior of the old building speak for itself.

Finally, it might be good to use a record player with hidden speakers. The record player will mirror the vintage look of the 1920’s to complete this theme for Quinceañeras.



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