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quinceanera bouquet

Pink, yellow, orange and green roses are a stunning combination for your bouquet or centerpieces.

Thousands of bouquets were handed out to Olympians at the 2012 London Olympics. These victory bouquets, which are given to the athletes at the same time as they are given their medals, are specifically designed to represent the host country. In the case of the 2012 London Olympics, the bouquet was a bold floral arrangement that featured four different types of British rose – Aqua, Ilios, Marie Clare and Wimbledon, designed by Jane Packer.

Not only was the combination of pink, yellow, orange and green roses aesthetically pleasing, it also gave an eclectic fragrance with the inclusion of English lavender, rosemary, mint and wheat, all of which were grown in the UK.

For your Quinceanera bouquet

quinceanera bouquet

Photo courtesy of JanePacker.com.

And as stunning as that combination was for the historical event, it can also serve as a symbolical element in your celebration. Although you won’t use the same British grown elements, per say, your Quinceanera bouquet or centerpieces can be a replica of the 2012 Olympics victory bouquet if your florist follows the same color palette and basic idea as the original design.

For example, the bouquet needs to be sectioned into quadrants that are separated by the lavender, rosemary, mint and wheat. If ordering for your court, request that each bouquet be gathered together and tied beneath the flower heads with purple string. If you want to replicate the bouquet as closely as possible, ask that your florist create each design to the same size and weight as the others and that each bouquet be measured and cut to the same length as well.

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