2012 Quinceañera Color Palettes

Quince Madrina

Complementary relationship in purple and yellow, Monochromatic combination in purple hues.

If you are looking for a bright idea for your Quinceañera color theme, think beyond the white and beige and consider bold color combinations. For this, revert to the old faithful color wheel, which is the circle that shows the relationships between colors. By using a color wheel, you will be able to better understand the relationships between colors and find the best arrangement that fits your Quinceañera.

Possible Color Palettes

complementary colors

Perhaps the relationship that will have a bolder effect for your Quince is that of the triad, which are colors that are equally positioned on the wheel. A green, orange and purple combo is one of these types of uncommon, yet dazzling color schemes. The second most daring option is colors from a complementary relationship, which are across from each other on a color wheel, such as purple and yellow or red-violet and yellow-green.

monochromatic colors

Monochromatic colors, which are shade or tint variations of the same hue, serve as a great palette for traditional Quinceañeras that want to slightly play with color- but not too much. Lavender, purple and aubergine is an elegant and sophisticated monochromatic combination.

When incorporated evenly and throughout your Quinceañera decorations, such as in your table linens, napkins, flowers, lighting, centerpieces, cake and even Quinceañera dress, these color palettes can add depth and the illusion of layers. In your floral bouquet or centerpieces alone, any of these relationships will make your arrangements incredibly appealing.


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  • Ana

    Is a possible combination Turquoise, Orange and Lime Green? I would love to use these colors at my Quinceanera, which will be on June 29.