Make your Quinceanera decorations pop

Jackie Mejia

Balloons can be an inexpensive and creative way to accent your Quinceanera decorations. Most recently, balloon crafting has expanded to different designs, shapes and forms, and thanks to companies like Geronimo!, who make these familiar circles tres chic, sophistication and balloons now go hand in hand and serve as modern décor options for your Quince.

To take your Quinceanera decorations from bland to fab, here are a few balloon tips of the trade that will surely show off your personality.

1) Pack a floating surprise as a guest favor
Place a small strip of paper inside an unfilled balloon. Then, insert a strip that says ‘Thanks for coming to my Quince party!’. Follow by adding glitter into the balloon by using a funnel and fill the balloon with helium. Give the balloons as party favors as your guests leave your party. Once they pop the balloon at home, they will be greeted with a shimmery ‘Thank You’ surprise.

2) Create a sky of balloons
To create an effect of clouds hovering over your Quince party, fill white and clear latex balloons with a small, clear marble and helium. Since the weight of the marble will make the balloons float upside down, you’ll amaze your guests with Quinceanera decorations which look like fluffy clouds above their heads.

3) Balloon walkway
Fill up balloons in a variety of colors using helium. Add curling ribbon to the balloons and tape down the string at different heights along the floors of your Quinceanera venue’s entrance. This will create a cheery entranceway for your guess to walk through.


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