30 Beautiful Ways to Style Your Quinceanera with Lace

Jazmin Alvarez

The fashion industry can’t stop talking about lace, and for legit reasons – it’s a trend that will never run out of style and it’s a lightweight fabric that can be easily sewn to any piece for a glam finishing touch. If lace rules your wardrobe, then you definitely need to customize your quinceanera decor with this trend!


Even a little lace is enough to cause a major buzz. Take a look at the latest trends to decorate your quinceanera with lace:


Chic, elegant, and traditional… is this you? Then you must add lace to your invitations. It can be added to the entire front cover or just the edges for a delicate appearance. You can even incorporate the laser cut trend for an upgrade!



Pick a simple dress with gorge lace details on the corset to stun the crowd! Two-piece quinceanera dresses are totally “in” right now, as well as convertible dresses, so you can transition from the waltz to the baile sorpresa in a snap.



Lace quinceanera cakes radiate effortless beauty! White lace is the most popular choice among brides and quinceaneras, but you can play around with the color.



Lace centerpieces, table runners, table numbers, champagne bottles – you can add lace to any venue decor. If you’re going for the vintage look, you must light up candles with lace the candleholder. Exclusive tip: White tablecloths with lace on top of colored linens will beautifully dress up your tables!


quinceanera with lace

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