5 Options To Surprise your Guests with Unusual Centerpieces

Alicia Monsalve

The idea to decorate your party tables can come from unexpected places, such as the kitchen, closets and even your nightstand.

Use your imagination and surprise your guests with items that can be so unusual and everyday, and most importantly reflect your personality.

If choosing centerpieces for your quince has become a headache, just take a deep breath and open your imagination. Nobody said you have to do what everyone usually does on these occasions and decorating your table can be fun, easy and original.

These ideas are especially useful if you want to focus your attention on other areas that require more work, such as the decoration of the room, memories, essays or terminate
your surprise dance to order everything you need to complete your outfit.

Unusual objects: An alarm clock (may be a reason that you like or identify with your personality, like your favorite cartoon character), a book of poetry, the Harry Potter series or your favorite novel, a fan, hat can be a source of conversation and serve to your guests know what your areas of interest.

Family references:
If there are objects that identify the family tradition, for example horseshoes and equestrian motifs if families come from a tradition associated with horses, a coffee grinder and bags with your name on it filled with roasted beans if your family has roots coffee tradition in countries like Colombia or Costa Rica can be a beautiful and fragrant option. Frames with family photos that have pivotal moments of your life, the family or the history of the family as your grandparents and great grandparents, as well as pictures of you with guests who will occupy the table are issues that can easily form a centerpiece that also allows to stronger ties with people who share in your special day for you.

Pieces of glass, porcelain, metal and other materials: If you do not have time or do not want to overload the table with voluminous floral arrangements, you can choose a piece of glass, porcelain or any material you like, such as a glass slipper, a music box or a jeweler, the possibilities are endless and it all depends on the concept that you choose for your party.

A fashion accessory: If you love portfolios party, you can choose some that are not too expensive (you can buy at most, of different materials and beads, plastic or metal) and use them as a matter of interest on the table, use as vases and fill them with tasty treats for your guests, such as sweets and chocolates.

An arrangement edible: Sweets always will delight your guests, whether to cool after dinner or while it is time the feast. You can present them as simply as in a glass serving bowl or glass, making topiaries with edible materials, or an array of floral appearance, but made with sweet or confectionery. If you do not have time for anything, an instant solution is to place a beautiful box of chocolates as a centerpiece.

As special counsel: Never put on the table something that is precious to you that you may regret it disappears during the party. Remember that some guests like to take home the centerpieces, as this is customary in some cultures.

Alicia Monsalve

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