5 Simple Ways to Decorate your Quinceanera Knife

Jazmin Alvarez

The last thing on your list of things to decorate might be your quinceanera knife. To help your parents save money, decorate it yourself to match your personality and theme.


Believe it or not, your guests will be paying attention to every little detail of your party! The photographer will be taking pictures of your metal utensils and your parents will be displaying the set of knife in your living room.

Get ready to slice up your quinceanera cake in style! By adding a few simple touches, the look of your quinceanera knife will change dramatically:

1. Wrap your quineanera knife in ribbon royalty!

Don’t have time to decorate your quinceanera knife in detail? Simply cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around your knife. Satin ribbon will be your best bet if you’re going for the formal elegant feel, perfect for a princess theme.

quinceanera knife


2. Classic feathers will make them look fly!

The turquoise blue, sea green, and deep brown colors on beautiful peacock feathers makes us all fall in love. Tie your lovely feathers on the knife with satin ribbon and you may even add some bling if you’re all about adding a touch of girly.

quinceanera knife 5


3. Consider pearls with added dazzle

Having a rustic or old Hollywood theme? Brooches with pearls and sparkle are a must to keep your knife looking like a million bucks.

quinceanera knife 7


4. Complete your vintage fashion look this season!

Are you planning a fresh spring themed Quince? Or perhaps you chose a vintage theme. The knife below is wrapped with wooden twine and then the white flowers were glued on. You could easily get these supplies at your local arts and crafts or discount store.

quinceanera knife 4


5. Engrave your name, date, or occasion!

Now if you have some extra cash left in your budget, you may want to consider engraving your knife to treasure it as a special souvenir.

quinceanera knife 3

6. Bedazzled for an elegant look!

Perfect for the extra Quinceanera who like going all out! Decorate your set with huge rhinestones and jewels.

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