5 Ways to Tell your Guests they Can’t Take the Centerpiece Home!

Eva Melgarejo

Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing worse than having to pay for centerpieces that you had to return because your guests decided to take them home! The bases themselves can be over $30 each!!!!

Why? Why? Why? We really don’t know who started this trend and who told who that they can take the arrangements home and because it is such a “natural” thing to do if you don’t say anything you can kiss goodbye your adorable arrangements!

Here are five ways to tell your guests to leave the centerpiece where it is….in a nice way of course!

    • Put a tag on your centerpiece “I belong to the Quinceanera”
    • Glue them to the table! Not kidding, use a double sided tape.
    • Add a note to the bottom of the base “want to take me home? please pay for my replacement $30 to the Quinceanera”
    • Leave an envelope on the table labeled “centerpiece $30”
    • Make an announcement on the microphone “all centerpieces are available for sale” donate a percentage to a charity so your guests will have a chance to contribute to something good.




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Main featured picture by Little Bee Flowers in Glendale, CA.

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