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Después de tu vestido, la elección de tus zapatos es primordial.

6 Quince Party Decoration Ideas

Elizabeth de la Torre

Before your quince party date, be sure to get as many decoration ideas as you can. Decorations play an important role in parties as they reflect the personality of the host.  Very often decorations are overused at parties to the point that they confuse the party guests. Subtle and unique decorations should be your focus. Anything more may come across as unnecessary.

So how much is too much?  Mixing party themes, using over three colors, adding too many things to the dinner table and excessive lighting are all signs of excessiveness.  The style, type, and quality of decorations should depend on what you determine your quinceañera theme to be.  Always stick to your theme.

Here are some quince party decoration ideas!

xv centerpiece decor ideas

Quinceañera centerpieces are great avenues for you to show your uniqueness.

Decorate your chairsHang beads, banners, flowers, or handmade paper cut outs over the backside of chairs. For example, if you know where each person will sit then maybe cut their names out on colorful paper that will hang over their chairs. Use a maximum of three colors and stick to your theme.

Lighting has a large role in mood-setting for quinceañeras. Too much lighting will make your guests feel like they are under a spotlight.  Dimmed lighting will make the mood more personal. Some ways for you to be unique with your lighting is to use candles, lanterns, or christmas lights to decorate. Rather than a standard boring lamp, a switch to alternate sources will show that you took the extra effort to make the environment fun for your guests.

Practical Centerpieces. Create a centerpiece that your guests will use as a memento or they can use later. Do not take useless ideas that will mean nothing to your quince guests. It is important to have centerpieces that add something to the atmosphere. Maybe your centerpieces can be your “thank you notes,” lighting, or picture collage. Whatever it is make sure it’s something that not just you will admire.

Inexpensive decorations. Stick to your quince budget by saving money on decorations.  Simple paper cut outs would be adequate for quinceañera parties. Use thin colorful paper to cut out words, quotes, names, or simple designs like flowers. Check out this guide to create your papel picado.  These decoration ideas will save you money and add your personal touch to the party atmosphere.

Take the time to thank people at your party. Design posters and collages to post around the venue thanking certain friends or family members for making a difference in your life. Place these large “thank you” notes around your party’s venue in order to make sure everyone knows how special those certain people are to you.

Use meaningful art to decorate. If you enjoy art then maybe use your old masterpieces to decorate your blank quince venue walls. One idea is to get a bunch of friends to create something together. Maybe draw pictures of the good times you’ve had with your friends in order to commemorate the moments in your life that you wish to remember and are thankful for.


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