8 ways to make your Quinceanera head table stand out!

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Who is the star of the night?  The Quinceanera!

Where is the 1st place guests will head to when arriving to the Quince party? 

Yes, you guessed it, the Quinceanera head table!

We all agree that the Quince head table will need all the TLC available! Let the ideas flow and the imagination run, here are 8 simple ways to make your head table amaze your guests!

1. Add a backdrop

Yes, this is the first step to stand out from the rest of the tables. Try to incorporate your theme as much as you can.

2. Set up your head table on a stage.

The height will bring the attention to you.

3. Add a color to your backdrop!

Match it with your theme and go crazy.

4. Add lighting

Christmas lights under a transparent curtain is always a hit! You can also do what is called up-lighting in different colors.

5. Put your name on it!

Yup, think of having your full name or just initials on the backdrop. After all, the party is about you

6. Add big flower arrangements…

But they have to be big… think 6’ or taller…

7. Use fancy linens for your table,

Think petal, embroidery, gathered, pin tuck, you get what I mean

8. Decorate the backdrop..

Think of making your own, we love this!

Whether you incorporate these elements or come up with your own, the important thing is to be bold and put your creative side to use.  Play with colors, lights, textures, make it your own and have the spotlight on you during your Quinceanera!

Happy Planning!

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