A Citrus-Inspired Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Live your Italian dreams with citrus components that will recreate the romantic vibe you are looking for!  

With hints of green, orange, yellow, blue, and pink mixed together, you are sure to create the colors of Capri! Although perfect for Spring or Summer, the advantage of having year-round citrus is being able to celebrate in any season.  

Décor for a Cutie  

Bring paradise to your guests as you decorate fruitfully—literally. Grab your favorite citrus fruits and get creative with the placement!  Décor your guests can also enjoy? Why not! 

 Edible Bites + Sweets  

Bring out the aguas frescas, fruta picada, and other deliciously healthy bites! Add some color to your cake by incorporating seasonal flowers and fruits! 


La Bella Quinceanera  

Let’s talk about the colors! Lucky for you, you got options. Try on yellow, pink, or even sage green and see which suits you better when dress shopping.  


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Jocelyn Pasillas

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