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A Cottagecore Quince With a Floral Flare

Yoana Estrada

If you’re anywhere on TikTok or Instagram then chances are that you’ve run into the cottagecore aesthetic at some point in your scrolling journey.

The Cottagecore aesthetic is dreamy and consists of dried flowers, nature, gardens, herbs, houseplants, and romance. This aesthetic is all about living your best life out in nature. It’s a must that your guests feel all the warm and cozy vibes. For example, serving tea and toast decorated with tiny flowers and with honey would be the perfect appetizers for this quince theme. Keep reading for more tips and tricks on throwing your very own floral cottage core-inspired quince!


Cottagecore foods are dreamy and they should make you feel like you’ve stepped into a beautiful cottage in the forest. The appetizers you should consider should be warm, sweet, and have dried flowers sprinkled on them. Consider kicking off your quince with a tea party featuring cookies, macaroons, tarts, berries, and of course Tea!

Cottagecore Cakes

Cottagecore is all about romanticizing your life and there’s no better way to do that than with cake. The perfect cottagecore cake color palette consists of naturalistic colors and floral patterns. Make sure to top your cake with live flowers, berries, and dried orange slices for the ultimate effect. The toppings on your cake should look like you just picked them that morning.

Dreamy Dresses

This aesthetic is known for full skirts, nature-inspired prints, plants, and baskets. Consider adding a cloak to your dress for a more whimsical walking through the forest look! Quince dresses that have tulle and embroidered flowers work perfectly.


Cottagecore Inspired Hair

Cottagecore-inspired hair comes together by adorning hair with flowers, bows, and scarfs. Typically these hairstyles are done on wavy or curly hair but they can also be pulled off with straight hair. You can of course glam up your look on the day of your quince by being more extravagant with flowers in your hair.


Floral Cottage Core Inspired Makeup

Cottagecore makeup tends to lean more towards the natural side. It can consist of a fun eyeshadow and glowy skin with a garden fairy aesthetic. You can get as creative as you want with a cottage core-inspired makeup look. Get extra cottage core points by adding faux freckles to your look.


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