A Desert Boho Princess Theme

Jocelyn Pasillas

Get your cowgirl boots and pampas grass ready to go! It’s time to plan a Desert Boho party so let’s get started.  

For this incredible concept, think of desert colors such as beige which represent the desert sand, pink tones which resemble the beautiful sunsets, and a few touches of green!  

Desert Décor  

A few elements to add to your décor for your fiesta are arrangements with pampas grass, cactus or succulents, and include dried palm leaves. To complete the Desert Boho Princess theme, such royalty needs a chair to match the look. Include a peacock chair at the main table.  

Desert Desserts  

The ultimate sweet escape with delicious treats your guests are sure to devour. From succulent cupcakes and chic Krispie’s, to a gorgeous, layered cake. See how you can decorate your favorite treats and have them fit your theme as best as possible.  

 Desert Princess Look  

A princess needs to be able to dress as such and your Quince is the perfect opportunity to go all out! Tones to consider for your dream dress are ivory, blush pink, or even white. 


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