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A Dreamy Quince Celebration


Picking the right theme for your quince is important to make sure you have the best time on your big day. Have the quince of your dreams with a dreamy quince theme. Let’s go through everything you need to make the dreamiest quince celebration! 



To make your dream world a reality at your quince, the first step is finding the right decorations. Light pinks, purples, and blues make a perfect color combination to create this look. Line the room with clouds, stars, and twinkly lights to make it come to life. You can make your own clouds with cotton balls or even cotton candy for cute edible arrangements. Use string lights and clouds to make the perfect dreamy backdrop for pictures!  



Pick the color you like best from your dream theme and match it with the perfect dress. For a dreamy look, there are tons of dresses that make the cut. Try finding a dress with sparkles to resemble twinkly stars or a shimmery tulle skirt. Pair it with a dreamy tiara and star jewelry to complete the look. You’ll look like you just stepped out of your own dream world! 



The last step to making a dreamy quince celebration is the cake. Once you have your decor and dress picked out, you can get a cake designed to match both. Cotton candy makes a great cloud decoration while also being a delicious addition to the cake. Show the cake decorator the stars, clouds, and colors you are using to make the dreamy theme and they can create a cake with each of those in mind. 

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