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A ‘Fetching’ Mean Girls Inspired Quinceanera

Yoana Estrada

“I celebrated my Quinceañera at the age of 16 due to the pandemic.  My theme was “Mean Girls”, which is my favorite movie!” –  Ilieen Ramirez  

The pandemic has caused many girls to postpone their celebrations until their sixteenth birthday. Including, LAPD recruit Cadet, Ilieen Ramirez-Magallanes. She has a long history of advocating for grief and loss groups to be implemented in schools for youth. Ilieen has also won several beauty crowns from participating in beauty pageants. Keep reading to find out more about how she threw her very own Mean Girls themed quinceanera.

How long did it take you to plan your Mean Girls-themed quince?

“The planning of my theme took approximately 2 years because it’s never been used as a Quinceanera theme before. This made it difficult to plan because it took a lot of patience and creativity since there weren’t any examples or ideas online. Although, I refused to give up or change my theme due to the pandemic!”

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Why did you decide on a Mean Girls Theme?

“I selected this theme while watching my favorite movie, “Mean Girls”, with my aunt. I knew that this theme was meant to be when Cady tells Aaron Samuels that it is, October 3.  My quinceanera was originally supposed to be on that day.”


What was the best part of the planning process?

“The best part of the planning process was seeing how the theme came together.  I loved all the decorations, table arrangements, recuerdos, and the ‘Mean Girls’ themed photo booth. I dreamed about this theme for many years and was very grateful that my mother was very supportive. Especially my madrinas, chambelanes, and plastics made it come true.”


What was your favorite part of your quinceanera?

“My favorite part of my Quinceañera was that I added a twist to the original dance choreography of the Christmas Show dance with my entrance. I decided to wear my cowgirl boots during this dance to honor my Latina culture.”


Is there anything else that you would like to add?

“The celebration of my Quinceañera was to honor my grandparent’s memory.  I lost them both to cancer, the day I lost them I was full of sorrow because I lost my best friends and role models.  We always talked about planning it, dancing, the vales with my grandfather, and overall celebrating my Quinceañera but above all the importance of mass.”


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