A FUEGO-LICIOUS Quinceanera Theme

Yoana Estrada

Summer 2021 is going to be a hot one and the temperature will just keep on rising with your Quinceanera around the corner.

Bring the heat to your party by throwing a  fire-themed Quince that will light up the night. All your friends and family will instantly know that you’re THAT girl when they walk into your  FUEGO-LICIOUS birthday bash.

Although, be advised that throwing a fire-themed quince can get quite tricky when looking for ideas. It’s important to keep the color palette in mind that will tie everything together and make it come alive.

Using a color palette consisting of reds, yellows, and oranges should do the trick with this theme. Consider the following make-up, nails, cakes, and decorations tips as inspiration when throwing your very own fire-themed quince event.


Fiery Cakes 

Express yourself, experiment, and play with fire when looking for your perfect flaming fire cake.  Growing up our parents would always advise us not to play with fire but this is an exception. We might not be able to light up our whole cake in flames but we can still add a flare. Consider adding red, orange, or yellow fruits to your cake to give it that fiery aesthetic. There are also many fun fire-inspired cake toppers you can use. 

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A Flaming Makeup Look To Leave Them Shook

If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Flames, fire, and drama are the aesthetics that we are looking for in our Fuego-themed quinceanera. Bring the heat by playing up your eyes with a bold eyeshadow look. You will be the girl on fire with flame-inspired eyeshadow painted on your eyelids. If you don’t want flamed eyelids you can also opt-out for a bold red lip. 

Nails On Fire

Natural and nude color nails with abstract or simple shapes are all the rage this summer! We already know that our hair and makeup are going to be on point for our quince so a trendy manicure will do the trick. The latest nail shape trend is having a short style or a much longer coffin shape. Consider having flames painted onto your freshly manicured nails for an extra pop!


Lights, Camera, Fire!

It takes work, time, and effort to make Quince themes work I.R.L! For our fire-themed quince, we can set the mood for our guests with lighting and decorations. Consider having a red carpet and red LED lights to create the perfect baddie atmosphere. When deciding on your balloon garland keep the red, yellow, and orange color scheme going to tie everything together.  Adding the red lights to your venue will take your event to a whole new level. Your guest will be thrilled to have their picture-perfect Instagram moment. 

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Click here to view the original image from Pinterest.

Bonus tip:

 If you want to go all out you can even hire a fire performer to entertain your guest as they arrive or for your surprise dance.

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Light Up The Night Activity

Looking for the perfect way to end the night? Bring your guests outside and have them release sky lanterns into the beautiful starry night sky. Your family and friends will be impressed and in awe of the impressive event that you put on for them.

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