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A Magical Enchanted Quince with a Fairytale Ending

Yoana Estrada

Once upon a time, there was a quinceanera to be dreaming of a fairytale quince party that would enchant and transport her loyal subjects, into a magical and enchanting world.


She dreamt of being swept off her feet by her prince charming aka, her main chamberlain, and dancing the night away with her ladies in waiting aka, her damas. There was only one thing standing in the way of our quince princess and no it wasn’t a dragon or an evil stepmother. It was something much more vile and dangerous! Our princess had yet to start planning her Quinceanera!

Take a deep breath, don’t panic, we got this! Pull out your best feather quill pen and start jotting down notes.  I will present to you ideas to consider for an enchanted Quincenera ball with a fairytale ending. 

Your Grand Entrance

Your grand entrance is super important when it comes to your Quinceanera. It is the first time that the majority of your guests will see you at your party venue. Your grand entrance will set the tone for the rest of the night. A classic fairytale option that never goes out of style is to arrive by horse carriage. Not a fan of carriages?  Every good fairytale has a set of whimsical and cute animal sidekicks. Surprise your guest by rising or walking in with your noble steed as your magical escort.

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The Dress

The goal is for our guests to feel as if they just walked into a sophisticated fairytale world. Your Quince dress is important and will be doing the majority of the talking throughout the night. Your quince dress will prove that you are the main character in this fairytale. Here are some magical gowns that have some major happily ever after vibes!


Fairytale Decorations

Attention to detail will ensure that your guest will have an amazing time submerged into your fairytale world. Consider having a balloon arch adorned with draping flowers and twinkly lights as your friends and family arrive. Then they find their seats but are memorized by the flowers and candles that your main table is decorated with. 

Having a birdcage with flowers inside as your table centerpiece will have all your tias eyeing it for the rest of the night. You also want and need a place to take pictures with your guest throughout the day. If you’re going to have a fairytale-themed quince why not have an actual storybook as your backdrop! 

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The Cake

These beautiful fairytale cakes look like they would taste like heaven. The cakes below are decorated so beautifully with real flowers and gold flakes. They are fit for any fairytale. Also, don’t forget to think about where you are going to set the cake down. This is important because you will get photographed during this time. Consider having a beautifully decorated background to pose next to your delectable cake.


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