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A Mexican, Día de la Independencia Quinceanera Fiesta 🇲🇽

Yoana Estrada

Viva Mexico! Mexican Independence Day was declared in 1821 on September 16th to celebrate Mexico’s freedom from Spain.

If you celebrate a quinceanera then it is more than likely that you are of Mexican or Central American descent. If you’re a girl that loves her culture and whose birthday falls in September, then throwing A Día de la Independencia Quince Fiesta might be the right option for you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can incorporate Mexican Independence Day into your quince celebration. 

Fun Fact: Other countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras also celebrate their independence on this day.

La Independencia XV Dresses

There are plenty of ways to honor Mexican Independence Day outside of Mexico. We can do this at our Quinceanera by wearing a traditional Mexican-inspired gown. Typical Mexican dresses are woven with a variety of colors and textures such as embroidery, and ribbons. You can easily find more dress inspiration on the internet by searching for “charro” or “Huipiles” (wee-peel).

Taco ‘Bout A Party Menu 

Traditional dishes made on Mexican Independence Day are pozole, chiles en nogada, menudo, birria, and queso fundido. These are all great options that can double as delicious main courses and appetizers on the day of your quince.


Que Viva el Pastel (Long Live Cake)

The Mexican flag is made up of the colors green, red, and white with a Golden Eagle in the middle. Consider having an all-white cake with red and green accents. Red roses and bright floral patterns are not uncommon to see on these kinds of cakes as well.

Mexican Fiesta XV Decorations

Elevate your quinceanera by including vibrant party supplies such as Mexican blankets, papel picado, paper flowers, and mini plantitas (plants). A Día de la Independencia Quince Fiesta will come alive by including bright and cheerful party decor throughout the venue. Ever noticed how Latinos reuse the same container for different things? Let’s keep the tradition alive by reusing salsa cans as flower vases (he-he). Not only does it look cute but we’re saving the environment!

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