A Modern Boho Cinderella Story

Dee Lee

Cinderella is the top 3 most requested quinceañera themes.

It is a very classic and timeless theme. Although we love this theme, we wanted to re-imagine Cinderella.

Cinderella stories have long existed in the Latino culture. There was the tale of Domitila. Domitila’s was a cook and leather artist, who was led by her dead mother’s spirit, not a fairy godmother. “A rich young man who searches for her is at first enamored of Domitila’s cooking, but learns to appreciate and love her deeper qualities.”

Adelita is another story that mirrors that of Disney’s Cinderella with a cultural twist. “After her parents die, Adelita suffers mistreatment by her stepmother and mean stepsisters until she meets her true love at a fiesta.” We were inspired by Shawna Yamamoto Event Design’s recent Porch Parties.

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We saw pampas grass and dried flowers. We loved the Boho feel of her events. There were so many beautiful textures. We thought how could we marry the two, thus our Modern Boho Cinderella was born.

As a quince designer I love having the creative freedom to dream something up. Dare to be bold and different. I love adding new, unique colors, and textures. I knew I wanted to keep to the traditional colors but give it a monochromatic pop. There’s a psychology to the colors you choose for your theme. The color blue creates a very calming effect.

The Quince Vibe we wanted was traditional yet modern, classic, and fun. We wanted to give this fairytale a different spin. We thought about the cake, dress, accessories, shoes, decor, her princess chair. etc. and wanted to keep some things traditional like the dress but given new life to the decor.

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Dee Lee

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