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A Modern Royalty Extravaganza for a Princess

Yoana Estrada

Most little girls dream of becoming a princess!

Who wouldn’t want to wear the gowns, tiaras, jewels, and attend royal princess parties? Not to mention you get to live in a palace! Lucky for you, your quinceanera is the perfect time to dress up and show out! Keep reading for more tips and tricks on throwing your very own Modern Royalty Extravaganza.

Princess Perfect CenterPieces

Here are some decorating hacks we are going to complete when pulling together our royal extravaganza. Consider decorating your venue with flower bouquets, chandeliers, and candles. A princess deserves to be surrounded by all the beautiful things in life. Take inspiration from the following images.


Modern-Day Princess Dresses

Looking for a dress that’s far from basic? Amaraby is a Mexican quinceanera fashion brand that never disappoints. Take a peek at some of their most princess-worthy work.


Cakes & Treats Fit for a Princess

Was it even a party if there wasn’t any cake? For a royal extravaganza consider having a multi-layered cake. Although, don’t worry if you’re only able to do a one-tiered cake because you can always have fabulous cupcakes as a backup as well. Also, make sure to include gold details, flowers, and pearls for a little extra something-something!


Modern Royal Backdrops 

Having a backdrop for any party or event is a must! A backdrop will help bring your quince theme together. Consider bringing together balloons, fabrics, and flowers for the ultimate backdrop.

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