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A Romantic Quinceanera Celebration

Yoana Estrada

February is known as the month of friendship, kindness, and love.

This is a beautiful month to celebrate your quinceanera. The decorations and themes that you can pick are super cute! So, put on your rose-tinted glasses and keep reading for more tips on throwing a romantic quinceanera celebration. 

Romantic princess gowns 

Life isn’t perfect but your quince dress can be. A Valentine’s day color scheme will perfectly compliment a romantic theme. Consider the following colors when shopping around; lavender rose gold, red, purple, pink, white, cream, blush. 


Posh princess nails 

Having your nails done is a must on the day of your quinceanera. Many girls decided to get long nails for their party. Although, we don’t recommend going too long. Especially, if this is the first time that your nails will be that size.  Consider the following nail sizes for the best quince experience

Romantic cakes

Your guest will be hungry! Why not give them a cake that is not only delicious but cute to look at! Having your cake decorated with roses, macaroons, pearls, and glitter should do the trick!

Cake tip: The size of your cake should depend on the number of guests. A one-tier 12-inch cake should feed about 45-56 people.

Must have XV accessories

Some traditional quince accessories include having a bouquet, bible, brindis set, and the list goes on! It is not unusual to have your padrinos/godparents help out with the cost of these accessories. Check out these cute custom-made accessories.


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