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A Totally 80s Blast from the past Themed Quinceanera

Yoana Estrada

Ah, the 80’s. A time where mullets, scrunchies, colorful clothing, and Aquanet hairspray ruled the world.

It was our parents or grandparents that most likely got to live out their best 80’s life. Your 80s themed Quincenera will for sure bring them back to when they were young. The hair, makeup, music, and outfits may be out there but there is no denying that the vibes were immaculate! Today we are able to see movies and shows based in the ’80s like, “Stranger Things” and “Sixteen Candles”.

Watching these can help you further your research and get into character for your Quincenera. Keep reading to check out more on our tips and tricks to consider for your own  80’s Quince bash. We’ve got you covered from your scrunchie to your kicks!


Hair in the 80s was something else that had not been seen in previous generations. Some popular styles included having big, curly, crimped, colorful, and accessorized hair. I’m all for the asymmetrical shapes and sizes if you are but here are three options from Pinterest to consider for your quince.


Makeup in the 80s was all about color and expression in everyday life. Women could be seen wearing almost any color imaginable on their eyelids. Some of the most popular colors included blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow. These makeup looks below are perfectly doable to grab inspiration from for your totally 80s quince.  


One of the biggest trends in the 80s was bright neon clothing. It’s only suitable that our quinceanera dress lives up to the neon 80s hype. Consider having a neon dress that will literally have you light up the dance floor. We have also included a beautiful neon green and pink dress that will make sure all eyes are on you. You can even consider having your Damas in cute mixed-matched neon dresses.

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80s Themed Cakes

Your guests are going to love these colorful, fun, and delicious 80s themed cakes. Where anything from a disco ball, Rubik’s cube, or a mixtape can and will be placed on your Quince cake.


Decoration Inspiration

Check out these retro-inspired party decorations found on Pinterest to help you accomplish an 80s aesthetic for your bash. Consider neon balloons and a neon balloon archway for your guest to walk through and time travel back to the 80s. Also, having a glow-in-the-dark table will be a fun detail that both the adults and kids at your Quince will enjoy.

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