Adelynn in Paris Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Besides all the irresistible drama in the new Netflix series, Emily in Paris, it has also sparked the continuous desire to experience what it would be like living or even visiting the city of love.

Better yet why not transform your Quince into a complete Paris Paradise? Keep reading to create the fête of your dreams.  

A Dreamy Dress Perfect for Paris

Paris is no place for dull fashion, this is your time to go above and beyond! Create your most extravagant fashion statement as you walk into your venue. The tones you should include are red or pink. 


Parisian Décor  

Start with the decor to set the romantic Parisian mood! Paris is all about romance so your décor and lighting should reflect that while keeping it classy. Dim the lights and create a romantic and elegant atmosphere, including a scaled-down model of the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe de L’Etoile in the middle of the dance floor. 


Delicious la Pâtisserie 

Your guests will be impressed whether you choose a tiered cake or cupcakes. Go for something subtle like a light vanilla sponge cake with a sweet filling and don’t forget about the croissants—Emily’s favorite! 

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