An Adventurous Quinceanera Inspired by the Hundred Acre Woods

Jocelyn Pasillas

Have you always been a fanatic of Winnie the Pooh? Well, now it’s time to transform your Quince into a modern Hundred Acre Woods celebration!

Try something different, with a touch of today’s trends and a twist of Pooh’s adventures!

We assure you, your Quince theme is bound to look incredible and we’re here to show you how.

Color Scheme Colors:

Your Quince color palette should definitely include these tones: Yellow or red, grey, champagne. Avoid using Yellow and red together since they are both contrast colors and would look a little tacky combined. Plus, you do not want a McDonald’s appearance.

XV Dresses

The perfect dress choices would be either red or yellow, champagne/ ivory, or light pink which resembles Piglet.

Decorations and Centerpieces

Yellow or gold accents need to be the highlight color of your Quince color theme. Rustic decorations are your best choice to make the venue look as modern as possible. Think woods, any greenery and vines are perfect for this theme.

Sweet as Honey Treats

Be as creative as possible with your treats without making it look too tacky. Simple is better, which is why rustic themed sweets are awesome! Add  Pooh’s favorite, honey!


Give your guests a nice little surprise once they open your XV invitations!

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ideal quinceanera

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