An Enchanted Snow White Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them All?

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Snow White whose beauty was obvious to all. With lips as red as blood, she came to be envied for being the fairest in the land…

Celebrate you Quince with an enchanting Snow White theme that’s perfect for the Holiday season!

The Centerpieces

Incorporate Snow White’s charm with gleaming red apples and stunning roses.

The Cordial Invitations

Use these stunning and detailed invitations to make sure your Prince Charming arrives on time!


Snow White is known for her red bow and stunning yellow/gold dress, so we made sure to include these details on the cake!


Modern Snow White Quinceanera Dress

When we think of Snow White, we can’t help but think of snow and her bold red lips. Capture the beauty of fresh snow in your Quince dress! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and wear a gorgeous blue or red gown with a long red cape similar to Amaraby’s inspired look! After all, unique shawls to throw on over your dress can come a long way.

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