An Enchanting Celestial Celebration  

Jocelyn Pasillas

As we continue embracing quince traditions, incorporating modern twists is always necessary! This theme symbolizes just that as we celebrate with an Enchanting Celestial Celebration. 

Before the quince fiesta begins, a big part of a Quinceanera’s day starts off with a blessing held at church as your initial passage from childhood to adulthood. Apart from this Celestial theme being perfect as we celebrate the month of love, we also emphasize the importance of preserving the traditional moments of a Quinceanera. Now, let us get into the details of what this theme entails.  

Angelic Components 

Not only are angel wings great as a photo op, but they can also be used as the perfect decoration on your chairs! Incorporate white feathers as the main component of all your décor. As a beautiful touch, add feathers to your cake cutting, Brindis, and even candle sets.  

The Celestial Look  

It’s giving Venus goddess! As you put together your look, here are a few recommendations to make you feel like the goddess you are. If your dress is plain white, use gloves with feathers on the sleeve, or take it up a notch by also styling feathered heels with your dress! You also have the choice of adding to the drama by styling in a feathered Quince dress such as this design by Morilee.  

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Makeup and Hair  

Keep it nice and natural! Style your hair in a slick bun or ponytail that can accentuate your accessories. If you aren’t all about up-do’s stick to soft curls.  


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