Beautiful butterflies at your party

Alicia Garcia de Angela

Releasing butterflies during your Quince celebration is an original idea that will delight your guests.

Your Quinceanera is an extraordinary event where you could show your love for nature. Lucky for you there is Emma’s Butterfly Ranch, located in Orange County, a farm dedicated to raising butterflies which are later released at all kind of events.


This original idea began just two years ago and although at first the company was doing mainly weddings, they were soon discovered by Quinceaneras and their moms, who were delighted to add this magical and original touch to the already popular celebration.

The only conditions to use their services are for you to have a daytime event, since once released the butterflies seek lighting and for your event to be out in the open so they can fly and continue living their natural life cycle

Once this is settled, all you have to do is choose the type of butterfly you like the most and decide how many you wish to release on your birthday.


Emma’s Butterfly Ranch offers approximately 9 different butterflies species, mostly depending on the season. “The most popular butterfly among quinceaneras are those known as painted lady as well as the monarch butterfly due to its spectacular size and bright orange and black tones”, says Darryl Swartz, founder and owner of the ranch located in Yorba Linda.

When it comes to quantity, taste and budget take charge. “Quinceaneras usually request fifteen all of different species. The combination between the painted lady and the monarch butterfly is also very popular”, explains Darryl. “However we also have big requests. For example, we released 100 butterflies on June 24th at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale in remembrance of Michael Jackson”.

As for prices, “girls can take fifteen painted lady butterflies for their party for 4 dollars each, meaning 60 dollars total. Monarchs are up to 10 dollars each then there are other species such as the “gulf fritillary” which are just as beautiful and its price depends on the season of the year”.

Emma’s Butterfly Ranch offers its services all year long and as fast as possible. “I’ve had requests from night to day and I have managed to have the order ready. I was once given a 24 hour notice to take them to the America’s Got Talent studio. With 2 weeks in advance notice I can guarantee you my service and an additional $50 can have your order ready within 48 hours”, says the owner of the ranch.


You must also choose how you would like to release the butterflies and at what time. One of the most popular methods is transparent baskets that allow everyone to enjoy the butterflies until the release. You can also carry them inside a decorated box or inside an individual envelope and hand it to your parents. “Some girls read a poem while they release the butterflies, it is very spiritual”.

Be prepared for everyone to be awed, these kind of live events are not present every day. “When the girls see the butterflies they all scream with joy. It is truly a magical and unrepeatable moment that turns a Quince celebration into something extremely special”, says Darryl.

And even though the owner of Emma’s Butterfly Ranch has not attended that many events; he can’t help disguise his passion for these lovely insects and nature itself. This is why he gives a plant to all the girls who request his services, “to encourage the love for nature and because butterflies eat from these”.

Now you know, take advantage of this unique opportunity to elegantly celebrate your birthday with such a distinguished service.


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