Eco-Friendly and Organic Quinceanera Bouquets

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If you wish to celebrate a fancy party while taking care of the environment you will love these green Quinceanera bouquets free of pesticides!

Now you can not only decorate your Quince with beautiful flowers, but you can also contribute to protecting the environment by using Eco-friendly, sustainable and organically grown plants.

Places like Wisteria Lane and The Bouqs, both located in California offer gorgeous organic flowers perfect for your Quinceanera bouquets.

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What determines if flowers are green or not?

The amount of toxic substances or pollutants that have been used to make the grow, the process from growing to preservation to shipment as well as materials used to build the arrangements, from the vessels and bases, to the floral foam, adhesives and tapes.

Many of the flowers that are sold in the U.S. are grown using pesticides. When cut are dipped in fungicides and other antibiotics to prolong their freshness. Furthermore, preservation materials such as plastic foam and floral tape contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde.

Getting neat flowers for your Quinceanera bouquets

Ask the florist to use seasonal flowers that are fresh and locally grown and are certified organic or have VeriFlora seal, which guarantees its organic cultivation.

To keep them green and alive, it is best to use materials and tapes of natural fibers like cotton or recycled paper.

Going the Extra Mile

Your election botonnieres and branches can also be green. Locally grown roses, tulips, lilacs and coves are ideal for eco-girl Quince.

One way to save money and clear your environmental message is to use succulents as Quinceanera centerpieces. These plants are very beautiful and require little water, and your guests can take them home after the party as a souvenir.

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