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Black Themed Quinceañera Ideas

Brooke Torres

A black-themed quinceañera can add a bold yet elegant look to your celebration when choosing such a daring color. Making black the main color scheme for your Quince will also make small accent colors stand out as an eye-catching statement.

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Categories to Include Black in a Quince:

The Invitations

Black invitations give off an elegant yet mysterious look that results in a clean display for all of the important Quince details that guests must know. For example, the invitations pictured below show what a mix between classy and bold looks like.

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The Venue

Black is such a simple yet strong color that on its own will make a statement. However, it is also a color that pairs with any other color; meaning, another color can be chosen for the accents to add an extra pop to the venue. Some typical accent colors for black are gold, white, and red.

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The Cake

Additionally, the cake has to match the venue in a way that emphasizes the theme of the quince. Sometimes, the cake is the statement piece of the venue and stands tall in the middle; the cake pictured below will definitely be the center of attention at any venue.

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The Dress

Not only is black a very flattering color, yet it is also a dress color that demands attention to the wearer. Once more, black is a simple color that can stand out even more by adding little accents of color; whether that be in a headpiece, jewelry, or designs on the dress.

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The Makeup

Again, with black being such a flexible and versatile color it can go with either a light and natural makeup look or a dark and bold one. Below is an example of both styles that pair adoringly with a black dress.

After all these black inspired looks, will you be having a black-themed quinceañera? Let us know in the comments below!

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