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Bridgerton Inspired Quince

Yoana Estrada

Dearest Readers, 

It seems that we have a rather special announcement. We are proud to present a Bridgerton-inspired quinceanera. A young misses quinceanera is a soiree of utmost importance. This coming-of-age ball is thrown to present a young woman to society. Without further ado, shine bright like a diamond and impress the higher society with these tips.

Yours Truly,

Custom XV gowns

The iconic Netflix series, based on romance novels written by Julia Quinn has taken over the internet! Are you finding yourself consistently swooning over Bridgerton Fashion? Consider one of the following gowns from Esmeralda Bridal & XV Inc.


Contemporary classic looks

If you’re thinking about having a period piece themed quinceanera then you must go all out! This means having your hair and make-up on point! Check out how this makeup artist and hairstylist gave these classic looks a modern twist!  


Feather look


High society cakes

Netflix’s Bridgeton is set around 1813 in high society London. It almost feels like every scene in the series is filled with cakes and sweet treats. Take a look at these romantic cakes!

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